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Just before I left to go downtown to meet a friend for lunch (around 10:30 am) I came across an interesting post discussing the last BSG episode.  I turned Tracking on so I could follow along with the discussion.

OMG.  I got back from lunch 2 hours later and have 110 emails in my inbox....

If nothing else, I think we can all agree that the last BSG episode certainly has people talking...


Mar. 20th, 2009 12:27 pm
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Oh god.  After the trauma of last night's SPN I'm not sure I can handle the LAST EVER episode of BSG tonight.

I will likely be a puddle of goo by tomorrow morning.
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...just finished watching it.

I think the last two hours are going to be epic.....
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Ok this is seriously cool.  Katee Sachoff who plays Starbuck on BSG is a local girl.  She grew up in a town just outside of Portland.

We have a local theater here in town that has been airing the BSG episodes each Friday (I believe).  They are going to air the last two episodes of the series starting this Friday (at the 10pm air time).  I just heard through an email list that Katee Sachoff is planning on being there.

Boy if I wasn't totally crowd phobic I would so consider doing this.  Plus you'd probably have to show up hours ahead of time.  It would be so much fun to see the final episodes in a theater with a mob of fellow BSG fans AND Katee.

I wonder how early you'd have to show up...
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Just finished watching this past Friday's BSG.

Damn.  This show is so good.  Showing that human/cylons are not just black and white; are not just evil or good.


No words.

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SPN owns my fangirl heart and is my uber-obssession.  Because of this I would choose to watch an SPN episode over a BSG episode if they aired at the same time.

However, after watching last night's BSG episode I just have to reaffirm something I've said in the past about BSG.

It is absolutely, without question, the BEST damn TV show in the universe.  I've said it before and I'm going to be a broken record here--but it is Shakespearean and Operatic in it's story, it's execution, it's music, it's acting, it's special effects.  It touches the human soul.  It's not afraid to expose the rawness of being human.  It is tragic and uplifting at the same time.

I've given BSG to friends and family who either do not like or HATE SciFi and every single one of them falls absolutely under it's spell.

Before SPN took over my brain I used to listen to multiple podcasts about BSG, including RDM's (BSGs creator).  I should never have stopped. 

As I told [ profile] fickleone  the other day, the weird-ass LONG hiatus' for BSG (sometimes as long as a YEAR for frak's sake) made keeping a BSG obsession alive difficult.  As far as I'm concerned such long hiatus' would have KILLED any other show. 

But not this one. 

BSG seasons are almost like feature movies.  One's where you gladly wait a year or two in between to get the next installment.

When S4 is finally over, I'm going to rewatch the whole series back-to-back.

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Um. Wow?

That was amazing.

BSG certainly did not disappoint tonight.

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Flist squee is also reminding me that BSG returns tomorrow.  I'm on fandom overload with SPN, MBV, and BSG all in a 48-hr time period.

In anticipation of BSG's epic return, I'm reposting some old BSG fanvid favorites along with some new ones I've found today.  BSG vids tend to get taken down a lot and some of my saved favorites are no longer available online.  Assume any fanvid could be spoilery up through S4.5.

This one is a great summary by SciFi of BSG's return:

Then one of my original and all time favorites.  Very heavily stresses the awesome space battles and is a little violent.  I usually don't care for shows that are heavy on battles, but this show is so Shakespearean in it's epicness that I love the battles.  The one opens with lines said by William Adama in the mini-series.

A S4 Returns Promo by SciFi:

And another S4 trailer (remember--SPOILERY!)

Another S4 Promo:

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I wasn't sure what I was going to be able to post today since I was getting a little tired and crazy from all the snow. 

But then I remembered one thing that I can always count on to cheer me up...


I love Fanvids.  For me it's the perfect combination of Graphics, Music, and my favorite shows.  I'm constantly blown away by the talent of fans who put these together.

I've included some links to some of my favorite fanvids below.

Here you can find some of my favorite SPN fanvids that I've rec'd in the past.  I have over 300 of these on my harddrive.  Some of which you can't find online any more.   I was feeling a little crazy this afternoon and immediately cheered myself up by watching several of these.  Plus here you can find an SPN 101 entry I wrote up that used fanvids as introductions to the various aspects of the show.

And here are some BSG vids as well.

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A screencap from the BSG S4.5 Webisode 1.  Is this Lily from SPN All Hell Breaks Loose?  Not much to go on---but it looks possible.

ETA:  Yes!  It IS LILY!  Found on here.  It's Jessica Harmon.  I find SPN EVERYWHERE!

Seamus Kevin FaheyJane Espenson
Wayne Rose
Grace Park (Sharon "Athena" Agathon)
Michael Hogan (Col. Saul Tigh)
Alessandro Juliani (Felix Gaeta)
Recurring Role:
Brad Dryborough (Lt. Hoshi)
Guest Star:
Michael Rogers (Brooks)
Jessica Harmon (Esrin)
William C. Vaughan (Lt. J. "Shark" Finnegan)

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[ profile] fickleone if you are all caught up on BSG, you should watch the first webisode just released for S4.5. 

I'm getting so excited for the return of BSG.

BTW, if you watch it, let's talk about what happens around minute 1:51 with Felix.  I kinda went WTF?  (Although I like! Good for Ron D. Moore pushing the envelop a little--even if it is only on a web-released item)

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I just realized BSG is coming back in Jan!!  OMG its been like FOREVER!  And we get to find out who the final Cylon is!  (hopefully at least without some xx-month long hiatus thrown in for good measure.)

In related news, I've developed a huge dependency on the BSG soundtrack from season 2.  I listen to it ALL THE TIME.  It is the most awesome of awesomeness soundtracks ever!
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Richard Hatch is featured.
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[personal profile] dualbunny has a great BSG fanvid posted here called Cuz I Can.  It's really worth downloading to view.  It's Starbuck centric and fits her so well.  It is a sequel to her God is a DJ vid (which is also awesome).

This particular shot really grabbed me.  I really love Starbuck.

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I think I read somewhere that the actual nominations are on July 10?  So help me BSG actors had better be on the nomination list.  And Jensen!

The list.  These are NOT the nominations just a list of potentials.

The good ones:

  • Edward James Olmos, BSG  (YES!)
  • Mary McDonnel, BSG (YES!)
  • Jamie Bamber, BSG
  • James Callis, BSG
  • Michael Hogen, BSG (YES!)
  • Tricia Helfer, BSG
  • Grace Park, BSG
  • Katie Sackhoff, BSG
  • Michelle Forbes, BSG
  • Jensen Ackles, Supernatural (YES!)
  • James Spader, Boston Legal (YES!)
  • Christian Clemenson, Boston Legal (YES!)
  • William Shatner, Boston Legal (You GO Bill!)  [my first ever fandom love/obsession.  And he ROCKS in this show!  So happy for him]
  • Candice Bergen, Boston Legal

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Was googling BSG just for the fun of it and ran across this blog entry:  Lords of Kobol, Hear My Prayer: Religion and Faith on Battlestar Galactica -- Seth Perry

It's one of the things I love about BSG--the questions of faith and religion.  This is an older blog entry--sounds like it was written during S2.  But some things I liked:

It wasn't until the recent closing episodes of the second season that the show began to really round out the religious feature of its universe. The prophecy-heavy plotline on the human side seems to have played itself out for now, and the inevitability of those prophecies appears more explicitly in question.


Galactica has been deservedly lauded for providing a novel setting for the playing out of real-life political, social, and moral issues, which is what the best science fiction always does. With the clear infusion of questions of faith into its theological trappings, the show can explore the way religion works in the real world -- as a series of stops and starts, buoyed by faith and beset with doubt, among an assortment of individuals who believe different things to different degrees.
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Decided to post links to some of my favorite BSG fanvids.

One of my favorite characters on BSG is Starbuck--who in this version is a woman. This is one of the first BSG fanvids I ever found and it shows Starbuck with "Six" one of the Cylons. Here is the link on Youtube.

This next one is my all-time-favorite BSG fanvid. It does portray a lot of the battle and violent scenes from the show (again--it's the backdrop to the human drama.) It opens with words from a speech given by Bill Adama (leader of Battlestar Galactica) about the first Cylon War questioning humans assumption that they will not have to face up to the consequences of their actions.

The next one is a tribute to S1 & S2 of BSG with some editted Bear McCreary music from the show. Even the music that is not Bear's is similar to the type of music in the show. I'm probably scaring away the sci-fi haters since so many of these clips look so sci-fi intense. But the sci-fi is the background against which the human drama plays. Also? I really am not usually a huge fan of battle scenes. But in BSG? I sit on the edge of my chair for all battle scenes. Between the special effects, the pacing, and the MUSIC (especially the music) I am ENTHRALLED by the battle scenes.

Finally, this one uses Bear McCreary's piece from S3--All Along the Watchtower. It shows scenes from the S3 finale (which looks a little like an acid trip--which in a way..I guess it was.)

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I've been spending the last hour reading posts and reviews of the BSG mid season finale.  I'd seen a few glimpses of posts last night where the praise level seemed to be pretty consistent.  Actually reading the reactions have me just as worked up as seeing the finale.

I really want to re-watch it, but I still haven't caught my breathe.

I was telling [profile] fickleone that I was feeling slightly disconnected from BSG this season.  While I'd liked some of the S4 episodes, the season just didn't feel as awesome as S3 had.  I wasn't sure if it was because I'd not spent any real time this season connecting with other BSG fans and podcasts due to my SPN obsession, or if the season just wasn't as good.  I think I was scared the season wasn't as good.  I've been very consistent in my belief that BSG is absolutely the BEST show on TV.    (SPN fans/friends--don't kick me out of fandom!  SPN will always be the show of my heart.)

Last night's episode totally and completely reassured me that BSG IS the best show on TV. 

I'm serious.  If you are NOT watching BSG--you really really need to.  EVEN if you don't like science fiction.  I've gotten several family members and friends hooked on it who absolutely HATE sci-fi.  But they love this show.

I got [profile] fickleone and my brother's family watching it -- and while they ARE sci-fi fans.  I'm not sure they really understood my insistence on the grandeur of this show until they finally got to borrow my S3 DVDs.  [profile] fickleone emailed me just yesterday(?) OMG'ing it after watching the S3 finale.  While they were in the middle of S3 she said she finally understood why I said I what I said about this show.

Even the music is amazing.  It's written by Bear McCreary (who writes about it on his blog).  My husband is not a huge fan of classical-type music.  The BSG scores are not purely classical--actually I'd call them more Opera-like.  And he is definitely NOT a fan of opera.  But he loves the BSG scores.  He listens to them all the time on his iPod. 

So I guess the point of this post is---if you haven't seen BSG.  Go out and rent the DVDs--starting with the mini-series.  Ron D. Moore (the show-runner who re-visioned the new BSG) based his revisioned BSG on 9/11 and the underlying themes are very ....  man I can't even find the words.  It's about humanity, it's imperfections, it's search for faith, it's search for meaning, it's search for itself.  It uses parallels to past human events--not just 9/11, but WW II and the holocaust, Nazi occupation of France, religious wars, self-deception.  Basically--it's about humanity.  Who we are--the good, the bad, and the ugly. 

It also has amazingly strong female characters. 

I always use Shakespearean and Operatic to describe this show--and I could NOT mean that more.

(And believe me if memories of Lorne Green and the 1970s version is stopping you--DO NOT LET IT!) 

(And I really should get a BSG icon--but I know I'll still spend 99% of my time talking about SPN and I'm too lazy to change out an icon just to change it back again later.  So I'll let Kim Manner's speak for me on this one.  I can see Kim being emphatic about this show.)
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This is the best show in the WORLD.   I mean I love and am obsessed with SPN with all of my heart.  But BSG?  Fraking Shakespearean, operatic.

I just watched the mid-season finale.  It's literally taken my breathe away.  I feel like I can't breathe.

And now we have to wait until 2009 to see the rest?


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