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It's all over the place of course.  But  JustJared just announced that Jensen and Danneel are engaged and Danneel said "Yes!" on Twitter. 

"Jensen Ackles and his longtime girlfriend Danneel Harris are engaged, her rep confirms exclusively to"
Wow.  I must admit I got a little tingling when I saw Jensen's looks at Danneel in the audience at Vancon.  So happy for them.  If they end up having kids--as I've said before, the resulting DNA may implode the world with the gorgeous!  I was thinking about this possibility earlier today when I noticed her ring.  As I was eating lunch I was smiling remembering back when my husband and I got engaged.  How excited and happy we were.  And thinking about Jensen and Danneel starting on this new adventure--just made me smile.


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I don't even remember where I got this.

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via [ profile] mrsr58 is this super hi-rez version of a gorgeous S4 promo photo. I double clicked on this image and just about died.

The eyes....omg....

Here's a small sample

(and yes I did enhance the green in the eyes...couldn't help it.)

Here it is under the multiple times until the eyes just fill your screen...

(ETA:  Ok LJ sucks sometimes.  Got coding issues with the larger version...working on it.... dammit...)
(ETA2:  Fixed.  It was the damn LJ-cut messing it up.  So no cut on this.)

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Just heard from bflyw that Jensen has signed up for the Jus In Bello Con in Rome in spring 2010!

Yay! That's the first con after this coming Chicago con that Jensen has signed up for.

Here's crossing fingers that more are on the way!
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Got this from mrsr58 (which was very enjoyable btw!)

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If you want icons from the recent Kane/Carlson/Jensen gig in PDX go here.  Canadiangoddess has a whole bunch of them!

A few examples....



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by dramaa_princess here!  Go see!


under the cut... )

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Jensen on DOOL
(Hi Res versions)

Via Mrsr58 who found them here.

I only grabbed a few. There are some more of Jensen. But these are the ones that caught my eye. And OMG if you love soaps, don't hate me...but man I LOL'd out loud a lot looking through these soap photos
Baby Jensen under the cut... (omg the HAIR!) )

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Just keeping my Jensen photos up-to-date

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More photos and vids of Jensen singing in PDX last night.

From classicangel23:

more jensen under the cut... )

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Jensen sings in Portland!

I had the chance to see Jensen sing last night and I DIDN'T GO because I was TOO TIRED from throwing a family birthday party. Lame. Lame. Lame.

Fickeone called me around 7:30 with the news that Jensen had been sighted in downtown PDX at Nordstrom. I knew it was Chris Kane's bday this weekend and since the boys had to be back up in Vanc next week I had figured there was a chance one or both of the boys would go to the Kane/Carlson gig on Sunday.

But I had family stuff and I'd seen the boys, yada, yada.

Yeah, again--Lame.

So we decided not to go and then fickleone's friend beensupe talked her into it (good for her!) Later that night I get a text from fickleone saying Jensen SANG!


Once in a f*cking lifetime,


Oh well. I'm glad that fickleone and beensupe got to see it. Go here to read fickleone's account.

AND someone else took vids and photos! Yeah! So I don't feel totally left out.

The following photos and vids are from Dawn Hewitt and sadiane (link to sadiane's LJ post).

Jensen leading the crowd in signing happy birthday to Chris!

And then all the fantastic photos!

jensen singing under the cut! )

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I guess I have to join the Jensen Golfing in Argyle legion and post some of the photos from the golf tournament Jensen participated in recently.

[ETA:  Ugh.  I made the mistake of trying to make this post just before a scheduled phone call and I messed up the coding so I had to temporarily turn on "private only" so I didn't mess up everyone's flist.  Fixed now.]

[ETA2:  More found today from ze_pink_lady again.  Added photo under the cut.]

Jensen in argyle... )

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Wow! If you all haven't been looking at [ profile] nyaubaby 's Asylum posts you should go there now!

Here's a sample photo of hers of Jared (from here)

And Jensen (from here)


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Not my picspam---but I've looked at the My Bloody Valentine Jensen picspam that[ profile] moondropz did here--about five times today. Man I can not WAIT until this DVD becomes available.

And I also cannot believe that I just said that--I mean REALLY? Me? Waiting for a SLASHER movie DVD?


Prior to seeing moondropz picspam I'd been (again) thinking earlier about how is it that I've become so ... invested ... in the careers of these two actors.

And yes I've said this before and yes here I go again...

I mean I've been a fan of genre TV/movies since I was a kid. I've loved many, many shows and characters and even actors. But never. Never. Have I become so invested in careers like I have with these two.

I mean I have list of actors whose work I will just about always go see....Harrison Ford, Will Smith, and others..but I'm just drawing a blank on names. However just because these actors have shows or movies it doesn't guarantee I'd go see it. Maybe I might wait a few weeks/months/years...or just never get around to it.

But I showed up for the very first showing of two SLASHER movies. Even though I'd sworn to myself in the 80s that I'd never go see stupid, bloody, nonsensical slasher movies. Pfftt! (Miss La-Di-Da here.... *sheepish grin*)

I never even hestitated even though I suspected I'd get sick to my stomach.

And unless these two turn into self-centered Hollywood a**holes (which I can't even imagine), I will likely be doing the same for whatever they do for the rest of their careers.

And I really can't imagine that I'll end up doing this for any other actors in the future. Even if I end up loving their work. I just can't see it.

I think this is a once-in-my-life occurrence.


I wasn't going to include any MBV caps here--just point to moondropz. But I went to pick just ONE to prettify my journal. And Ugh! I could NOT pick just one. So I've put several under the cut. Please go see moondropz entry linked above for more and more and more of the GUH.

Oh and if you haven't seen MBV, but plan to and don't want to be spoiled. Don't click.

Jensen under the cut... )

Thanks so MUCH to [ profile] moondropz (see her post HERE with MOAR!) and [ profile] justfreefallin for the picspam and the screencaps!

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Saw this posted on felisblanco's LJ. She doesn't know who to credit for it. It's so gorgeous I just had to add it here as well.


ETA:  And then I just found the photo below on [ profile] apieceofcake 's LJ here.  So gorgeous

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Ah that hit the spot!

If you feel like some gorgeous S1 Dean/Jensen...check out [ profile] moondropz  picspam here.

100 pics of gorgeousness.  IDEK folks--how can one person be so....guh.

I had trouble picking out 1-2 to tease you with...

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Everyone's doing it! I have to as well...but since I'm already a little brain dead from all the hot and I don't really need to add duplicates of all the fantastic Jensen picspams out there, I'll post some (a lot) of my Jensen photos from Chicago in November. For a great massive Jensen picspam, you may want to see [ profile] moondropz massive and hot Jensen picspam here. And for a great picspam of the boys together see [ profile] felisblanco 's Jensen b-day post here.

And I just now realized that I never finished uploading all my Chicago photos. I was missing all the ones of Jensen's panel. I could claim I was saving them for just this day--but I'd be lying. I did take the time to upload them this morning however. And have included them in this picspam o'hot.

Happy birthday Jensen!
massive photos under the cut... )

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I'm sad. My daughter is having three of her friends over tonight. I just had this very, very random thought about how cool it would be to have all of us go see MBV tonight. Seven of us -- five of us under 25. How cool. Not sure if they'd even want to.

But then I checked and MBV is no longer playing in the area. *frowny face* I guess Coraline and the 3D Jonas Brother film finally pushed MBV out of the theaters. Bummer.

I've been meaning to do a round up of any MBV images I can find and decided this was a good time since I was hunkering after some Tom/Jensen.

So Random Jensen - MBV Edition.

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Had a random thought to go check out the MBV numbers.

Doesn't look too shabby considering the movie's budget was $15M and it's grossed $48M. 

From here.

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Is this true? Did I forget this nugget of info?

"Jensen apparently sung his way to the lead role of Tony, in his high school production of West Side Story. "

I would so buy tickets for THAT!

From here.  From his DOOL days I guess.  (And yeah I know the source doesn't look HUGELY reliable.  A pre-teen, teen magazine kinda write-up.  Perhaps dictated by the same agent who had him pose for *those* photos.)

For example:  " On a more personal note, Jensen's most treasured possession is his pink stuffed pig..."



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