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Do you love us?  Or what?  I mean really!???   Three conventions in March!??  We really hype you up, don't we?

(And Jensen's going back to Asylum???  Is that in May?  (*is too lazy to go look.*)  I guess they must have beefed up the security to re-assure him or something.  I'm so glad he's going back.  SPN-love and the Js have to go EVERYWHERE so everyone can see how wonderful they are.)

And I see Misha's getting around.  He's going to be an old pro at this rate.

All's well in SPN Land.

O, btw, I'm watching this DVD--"Finding the Future.  A Science Fiction Conversation."  I saw it mentioned in some of the obituary notices for Forrest Ackerman--who I guess is one of (or maybe the original?) SciFi fanboy.  I obviously majorly FAIL and should have my scifi card revoked for not knowing about him until he died and I read it on Wil Wheaton's blog. 

This DVD is basically an overview of Fandom  and Scifi Con's.  It's such fun to watch!

Here are some memorable quotes that I actually wrote down when I started watching it a few days ago.  Most of these are Fen trying to describe who they are...

a willingness to imagine differences

a willingness to look beyond the everyday

fandom tends to be more accepting of differences among people on our own planet.  Or differences among each other.

Fandom is a very accepting community of differences among people.

Everybody is an alien to everyone else.

Science fiction fandom is actually a tribe.  We're a tribe of individuals who have unique characteristics of mutual and common respect.

Fans are freaks and geeks.

Their ability to accept just about everything and everyone.

What do you call someone who is not a fan?  A Mundane.

A Mundane is a non-fan.  People who don't "get it."  They call us freaks--we call them Mundanes.

[regarding Mundanes...]  We see them as people that there really isn't anything--we can't talk to them about anything--they're not reading books.  None of this excites them.  None of this interests them.  They think the current consensus reality as they've been fed it, by whoever feeds it to them, is all there is.  And that doesn't bother them!

We question why things are.  We question authority. 

Fans are all interested in ideas and speculation than gossip and keeping up with the Jones'.  Who gives a shit what the Jones' have?

Science fiction is the future.  What has been science fiction in the past has now become science fact in many cases.  We are doing things today that our grandfathers knew wasn't possible.

OMG--look at the TIME!  I slept so much yesterday, I wonder if I'll ever get to sleep tonight...

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First seen at [ profile] keepaofthecheez and then several other places including [ profile] janglyjewels . 

Cheer up your flist with your fav Jared pic!

Here's some I took at Chicago J2 Breakfast in Nov...

under the cut... )

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I have so many photos of the boys.  I got this great new-to-me camera (used) just before I went to Chicago.  I was able to use my old lenses from my film Canon camera.  So was able to use my telephoto lens to get great shots of the boys even if I wasn't in the first rows. 

The camera also has fast shutter speeds so I could rapidly take photos--which I learned at the LA Con is really important with the boys--especially Jared--moving around all over the place.

So here's the first of my Breakfast posts.  I don't know how many photos I'll actually post on LJ.  Too tired (and partially blind) to make that decision right now.  And if my brain and memory is alive enough, I may add commentary for the photos.  (Oh and btw--the numbering I'm using is for my reference and may not be totally sequential.  They are the numbers used to store the photos on my hard drive.)

Jared entered the room first.  Followed shortly by Jensen.  They had two microphones and the mikes were not that close so I wasn't always able to get them both in a shot while still trying to avoid the backs of the heads of the people in front of me.

Jared was wearing his black coat again.  For a guy who sweats a lot--he sure wears hats and coats a lot!  He did take the coat off almost immediately though for the breakfast.  At the panels he wore the coat and black beanie hat all the time.  He had on one of his standard blue plaid button ups.

He is a major cutie.  I had photoops with both the boys separately and together this time (like in LA).  In LA I was all befuddled because of Jensen. 

Jared's photoop was first this time.  When I walked up to him he looked me straight in the eyes and said, "Hi Babe, how are you doing?"  I smiled back and said, "I'm doing great, how about you!?"  And I swear his face was about two inches from mine!  I quickly turned my head for the photo, said thanks and let.

He completely blew my ZEN!  I was so calm and feeling so "not a newbie" and Jared completely blasted that away.  I was giggly for hours afterward.  Just ask[ profile] fickleone .  

Sorry I digressed.  Here's cutie...

Not bandwidth friendly... )

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Via [personal profile] missyjack again Here.

J2 photo under the cut below.  Photo by Cynthia at SFUniverse for an interview I guess.

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This meme came to me via [profile] fickleone (her list is here) and [personal profile] mrsr58 (which is here).  And wow it sure takes a long time to put together.  I haven't even looked at theirs yet because I didn't want to be influenced.  Of course, 1 minute after I post this and/or look at theirs I'll think of 3-5 more that I should have included.

I had trouble with this meme.  What makes a man sexy to me is not just his looks.  Yes, sometimes I’m shallow enough that looks is enough.  But if I know something about the individual...for example, that he’s a bit of a idiot or an egotist or something, then despite his looks, he will not be sexy to me.  Also a man who may not be truly sexy in a purely visual way, may be very sexy to me because of his personality or some other aspect. 

I tend to like darker men.  Not so much the blonds, which is why you wouldn’t see Brad Pitt here.  Yes Brad Pitt is drop dead gorgeous in a purely physical sense.  And he may also be a great human being (don’t really know)--but for some reason, although I can “admire” his body (grin), he just doesn’t do it for me. 

However sometimes I break that rule.  Such as with Robert Redford.  Definitely blond.  But Redford has something on top of being physically gorgeous when he was younger.

I’ll admit that sometimes the reason why I find an actor sexy is not so much because of the actor himself--it may sometimes really be the character(s) he plays.  I may find the actor himself to be just okay.

And as for the ranking of these men.  Other than the top 4-5, I could probably reorder these multiple ways and still be satisfied with the results.

Heavy duty picspam is under the cut.

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I'm late early to the birthday wishes.  (So many folks posted mid-day yesterday--likely non-Americans--that I thought I was just under the wire with posting for Jared's birthday.  Turns out the birthday is July 19th!  So I was actually on the way early curve for my time zone.)

Was having fun re-learning CSS and playing with my LJ layout some more. Was able to fix all my CSS errors! So now I have that little LJ user symbol showing up when it is supposed to. Plus I fixed some minor formatting errors.

But back to the important thing..... wishing one of our favorite two actors a very happy birthday!

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Just watching this.  Never heard of Ring of Endless Light.  IMDB says it was done in August 2002.  I've never been a huge fan of young Jared.  I feel pervy enough sometimes with my obsession with these boys.

I haven't watched of this yet so I don't know anything really about Jared's character in this.  But he's definitely cute and adorable as always. Perhaps his character will turn out to be a jerk.  But still---look at this.

Cute, huh?

I'm getting quite the collection of clips and videos around both the boys.  I've started files on Appearances (cons, interviews, etc.) and Actors (videos etc from other works of the SPN actors).  My Jared file now goes from 2002 (with the additional of Ring of Endless Light) to present day.  I've got either Jared clips or whole files of RoEL, Young MacGyver, Flight of the Phoenix, Cry Wolf, House of Wax (*shudders about the wax thing*), the TV Guide Sexiest Star.

For Jensen I have a bunch of files I still haven't gone all the way through of clips from Days of Our Lives, a movie(?) called Sweet Valley High, that interview taken I think during DOOL where young Jensen is riding the horse, S4 of Smallville, a clip of the Smallville cast during a trip to Puerto Rico, the teaser clips from Ten Inch Hero (man I SO want to see that movie--I really hope they show it in Chicago), clips of Jensen on Good News Weekly(?) in Australia, and Jensen's various interviews from his March 2008 Aussie trip.

Okay--I'm definitely obsessed.
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[personal profile] missyjack  just posted a link to this Youtube vid from an Australian news channel covering both the boys' recent Aussie trips. It has a few snippets I haven't seen before. You know I can see how Texans and Aussie's would just naturally get along. I loved Jared's story of someone approaching him in a bar and buying him a drink. And Jensen samming (that's a true typo that I almost deleted and then decided whoa--Freudian slip?) hamming it up for the Aussie interviewer.

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Thanks to [ profile] katysam    who made available lots of great photos of Jared at Supanova. Go check it out here.

I just had to snag all of them. I only had a chance to look through a few. It's pretty late and I do need to actually get up and work in the morning.

But look at these!




I can't wait to get some time tomorrow to look through the rest of them.  And Imma gonna make an icon I think out of that last one.  I just love the way his head is angled.

ETA:  I couldn't stand it.  I DL'd the rest of them.  Found this one...


And then had to make this...

And P.S. to Jensen---we need some new photos of you! Do you want this to be the Jared show?
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I guess it's an "officially" released vid.

ETA: I find the music in the background to be very annoying. Hopefully it won't be playing during the whole thing.

ETA 2: And WHY can't Creation do this???!!!
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ETA: Updated to add Part 4.

Such a great way to start my day. You'd think from all my recent posts that I was primarily a Jared fan. But I love both guys equally. Jensen is just so much more private then Jared. I swear Jared just thrives on public appearances.

Parts 1 through 4 and a pre-interview piece are on Youtube below and all of the parts can be found here.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4


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I know everyone's posting this. But I want more pretty in my LJ too!  Hmmm.  Maybe it is time to upgrade to a paid account and add more icons...

By way of [personal profile] mrsr58 who got it by way of [personal profile] blackjediiJared,2008

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Part 1 of an Australian Channel Ten interview is posted on YouTube. He is so adorable. And so pretty in pink!

And hee! He cannot resist adding to the J2 fuel with the slapping each other on the butt's comment and with this expression:



Jun. 22nd, 2008 06:56 pm
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Um... The eyelashes! The stubble! The grin! Iz ded. See more by [profile] twistedlaletz HERE.  She actually has some higher, clearer quality pics.  But this one?  I just couldn't resist his face in this one.

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Trying to catch up on the weekend's Supernova appearance by Jared.

I love that "Jared Padaleki, star of TV series Supernatural, caused the most excitement at the expo on Saturday" according to According to one fan quoted in the article:

“He was so nice! He reached across and shook my hand and smiled. He was very talkative, exactly how I expected him to be. He’s gorgeous,”
Well naturally he was! *sigh* Hey! Uhuru --- Nichelle Nichols was there! Someday I'd like to see a Star Trek convention with Shatner, Nimoy and others. But right now SPN has to come first! (and yes I know Shatner and Nimoy aren't getting any younger.)

And OMG look at this! (credit to samushy @


And I'm not sure who took this. I found it linked over at [personal profile] keepaofthecheez .  I love Jared's hats!


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[personal profile] veronamay has video  audio of Jared at Supanova in Sydney here

Haven't watched listened to it yet.  DL'ing.  Still at coast.  Check out time is noon.  May not be back  online until later this afternoon/evening.
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Just taking a quick moment to update. I think I'm going to have to apologize to my flist soon for spamming. Ever since I discovered LJ Book I want to use my LJ not just for fandom stuff but for RL stuff. I love the thought of being able to capture experiences and thoughts so that I can browse through them years from now. So if this starts to get too spamming for you all--I won't be insulted if you defriend.

I'll likely start posting more private posts as well. I do tend to "not care" about sharing too much. But there are limits--even for me!

Yesterday Mr. GYW took me to the coast to celebrate my birthday! We live in Oregon and the coast here is beautiful, unspoiled, all public, sometimes rocky (in Northern Oregon), and frequently cold and rainy. But I still absolutely love it! The ocean both calms and energizes me. I used to come over all the time before I met Mr. GYW. Unfortunately he's more a mountain and desert person. So when we do go places we have to balance his love of the mountains etc with my love of the ocean.

We're in Lincoln City at the Surftides. We have a room overlooking the ocean. I'll post photos later. It was clear and sunny all the drive over here until, you guessed it, we actually got to the edge of the ocean--then it was fog-bank city. But the fog cleared around 9:30 pm last night.

Last night there were fireworks over the beach. We could stand on our balcony and see them. It was cool.  We went to bed kinda late so Mr. GYW is still snoozing away while I'm sitting by the balcony watching and listening to the ocean while I browse the net a bit.

Just did a quick (and I mean 1 min) look see on my flist and found this post with photos of Jared in Australia. Man he looks terrific.


Then [profile] fickleone (by way of [personal profile] mrsr58) sent me over to Jim Beaver's MySpace blog.  He seems to be such a great person.  I used his RSS feed to subscribe to his blog through my flist so I can be sure to keep up with his entries.  I really hope he's at either or both ChicagoCon 2008 or LA Con 2009.

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They are both sweet and classy. Give them space and privacy.

I'm sad too.

And on to real life..... Today it is just beautiful outside. One of those perfect Sunday mornings. Birds singing, sun shining with just a touch of white puffy clouds. Sat out on the back deck this morning drinking coffee. Very nice.

and diverging a bit from RL...I finished watching the series Six Feet Under last night. Cried my eyes out. It's such a strong reminder of what life is really about. We need to appreciate the people in our lives and our lives--each and every day.

ETA: Just had to post the last six minutes of Six Feet Under. I'm lending the DVDs out to my mother and I can just see myself want to come back and look at this again. I've already re-watched these 6 minutes about 5 times. My DVD set came with the music as well.

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I kept asking myself last night about just how "perverted" I may have become because of SPN.

As I said in my last post, I attended my son's middle school spring band concert last night.  I was observing all the kids, remembering middle school and what an awkward age it was both physically and emotionally.

Then I spotted this rather short, slight boy.  He had Jared's floppy hair cut!  I kept staring at him through the concert wondering if he was going to grow up to look as sexy as Jared.  I *swear* to god I am NOT a pervert.  I kept asking myself just what did I think I was doing thinking about a young boy and what he might look like when he grew up.  *is embarrassed*

But after all, everything does relate back to SPN.

This boy also had the same facial structure as Jared.  I just saw this picture someone posted of Jared in New York Minute.  I immediately remembered the kid from last night.  The band kid was very small--a third of the size of Jared in this picture.  But the face and the hair--could be his baby brother or son.


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