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A cute still of Jared from The Christmas Cottage. I believe the photo came from andreas_ri

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Jared returning to Vancouver from LA on either on 8/09 or 8/10 (Sun or Mon) 2009.




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Man I love my drawing pad and Photoshop. And today I went ahead and ordered Illustrator as well (I had a huge discount coming to me from previous purchases--so I took advantage of that plus a sale that I couldn't resist.)

I used my drawing pad today and made a "cartoon" version of one of my Jared photos from LA Con 2009. It's so fun what you can do in just a short time with the right tools. 

bigger version under the cut... )

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Almost didn't make it!

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A short time ago I saw a few F13 Jared picspams floating about.  I was way too busy at the time to do much more than look and drool.  But I kinda want some of those Jared photos now.  And I can't even remember where I saw them. 

Anyone have any links?

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...I swear that boy is really something. I feel a little obsessed with him lately.

I ended up doing this drawing of him just 2 days ago. It's from one of my photos of him in LA.  This is a quick snap from my little camera. Blurry and it doesn't show the contrast or detail well. But I can't stop staring at him.

ETA 10/27/09:  I was able to enhance the drawing a little to compensate for my lack of a scanner.  The detail is a little clearer in this image:

(click a few times to enlarge a bit)

(and why, yes, I am fickle even in my fleetingness of boredom. which lasted all of, oh, 2 minutes.)

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Wow! If you all haven't been looking at [ profile] nyaubaby 's Asylum posts you should go there now!

Here's a sample photo of hers of Jared (from here)

And Jensen (from here)


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I got myself a present--a Wacom drawing tablet.

I swear I haven't had this much fun in a long time. It's freakin' 2am and I'm not even tired.

Boy am I going to regret this in the morning.


The thing was surprising easy to figure out how to use. Plug and play basically.

So I experimented with my first ever time drawing directly in Photoshop using the Wacom pen and then played around with coloring techniques.

I really do need to go to bed--so I'm stopping now.

The results of my first experiment...


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...that's disappointing.  And I'm not even going. 

I guess SPN filming constraints are the reason.

"Due to filming requirements, the appearance of Jared Padalecki has had to be postponed. We are working with Jared's management to secure a new appearance date in the near future. Any photo ops which include Jared will be refunded shortly. If you have purchased a photo op with Jared and would like to transfer it to a different celebrity guest photo op, simply send an email to . We realize that losing a guest of Jared's popularity is unfortunate and hope those in attendance will understand that filming requirements sometimes interfere with appearances. Thank you for your understanding."

ETA:  Been thinking about this.  I feel bummed out for the folks going and the folks (like me) who were excited to hear reports. But I also feel bummed for Jared.  We all know how much Jared actually enjoys these cons.  And I think both boys feel bad when they commit to something and then cannot deliver.  I think they take their commitments and their word very seriously.  I imagine Jared's just as bummed as everyone else.  The finale filming is important, of course.  It's just a bummer for all involved. 

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(still catching up)

And prior to all the Jensen and SPN renewal squee there was this tiny new promo pic of Sam/Jared appearing all over the flist....

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(info via daisychain1957)

Jared Padalecki Does New York Comic Con

Written on February 10, 2009 – by taylor blue

Jared Padalecki showed up at the New York Comic Con on Saturday for the panel of Friday the 13th. It comes out on Friday in theaters. Also catch him today on the Bonnie  Hunt Show. She was hilarious yesterday. I can’t figure out why I haven’t watched her before now!



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via[ profile] ilaria84  on [ profile] dean_sam .

ETA:  When I watched this the sound was a little out of sync.   But you know?  I love Bonnie Hunt. The only times I've ever seen her show have been when Jensen and now Jared have appeared.  I don't watch much broadcast TV (really none).  She just seems so nice.  I've loved her in whatever shows/movies I've seen her in. 

ETA2:  And I loved the joking about Bonnie and Jensen dating and how Bonnie had to dump him.

ETA3:  And the shout-out to the SPN Fans!!!!

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Found via [ profile] janglyjewels ...

(click about 3 times for bigger)

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For the blues...

Doctor to patient:  "Take one Jared and call me in the morning."

I need me an icon.....[ profile] mrsr58 ???? you listening?

Probably way too many words...but Jared definitely cured what ailed me...

(See?  It didn't even take me until morning...)

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He just makes me smile even when I don't want to!  Jared on KTLA about F13.  And about how two of the newscasters (one man, one woman) have crushes on him!)  (Found via [ profile] persuna  on [ profile] keymash_jared )

ETA:  I mean seriously--how can I stay depressed?  See????

ETA2:  OMG.  He kills me.  "Jared's next movie is called "Subtext," says newscast guy who has crush on Jared.  And Jared talking about auditioning in a bra in the woods.

I swear *everyone* flirts with Jared.  I even flirted with Jared and I think the last time I flirted was twenty-ish years ago!  You just cannot help yourself.

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via [ profile] missyjack , a NYCC photo of Jared by winter1066 (more here).

OMG.  How is he so f'ing adorable AND sexy???  I'm telling ya' the last time I saw him at Chicago, I was completely BOWLED over by him.  And I'm a Jensen girl.

(Click for bigger)

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More F13 stills have surfaced.  I've clipped in closer to the Jared in these.  Looking good.  Click for larger.  Found here.

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Found here.

Click for larger version.

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Do you love us?  Or what?  I mean really!???   Three conventions in March!??  We really hype you up, don't we?

(And Jensen's going back to Asylum???  Is that in May?  (*is too lazy to go look.*)  I guess they must have beefed up the security to re-assure him or something.  I'm so glad he's going back.  SPN-love and the Js have to go EVERYWHERE so everyone can see how wonderful they are.)

And I see Misha's getting around.  He's going to be an old pro at this rate.

All's well in SPN Land.

O, btw, I'm watching this DVD--"Finding the Future.  A Science Fiction Conversation."  I saw it mentioned in some of the obituary notices for Forrest Ackerman--who I guess is one of (or maybe the original?) SciFi fanboy.  I obviously majorly FAIL and should have my scifi card revoked for not knowing about him until he died and I read it on Wil Wheaton's blog. 

This DVD is basically an overview of Fandom  and Scifi Con's.  It's such fun to watch!

Here are some memorable quotes that I actually wrote down when I started watching it a few days ago.  Most of these are Fen trying to describe who they are...

a willingness to imagine differences

a willingness to look beyond the everyday

fandom tends to be more accepting of differences among people on our own planet.  Or differences among each other.

Fandom is a very accepting community of differences among people.

Everybody is an alien to everyone else.

Science fiction fandom is actually a tribe.  We're a tribe of individuals who have unique characteristics of mutual and common respect.

Fans are freaks and geeks.

Their ability to accept just about everything and everyone.

What do you call someone who is not a fan?  A Mundane.

A Mundane is a non-fan.  People who don't "get it."  They call us freaks--we call them Mundanes.

[regarding Mundanes...]  We see them as people that there really isn't anything--we can't talk to them about anything--they're not reading books.  None of this excites them.  None of this interests them.  They think the current consensus reality as they've been fed it, by whoever feeds it to them, is all there is.  And that doesn't bother them!

We question why things are.  We question authority. 

Fans are all interested in ideas and speculation than gossip and keeping up with the Jones'.  Who gives a shit what the Jones' have?

Science fiction is the future.  What has been science fiction in the past has now become science fact in many cases.  We are doing things today that our grandfathers knew wasn't possible.

OMG--look at the TIME!  I slept so much yesterday, I wonder if I'll ever get to sleep tonight...

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First seen at [ profile] keepaofthecheez and then several other places including [ profile] janglyjewels . 

Cheer up your flist with your fav Jared pic!

Here's some I took at Chicago J2 Breakfast in Nov...

under the cut... )


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