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My daughter Emily just showed me this video.   I literally got thrills while watching it.


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See? Already missed a day. Posting while on layover at MSP airport. This will force me to be brief

Day 2 Favorite ep? Mystery spot

Day 3 fav season? Yikes. Depends on mood. s2, s3, and s4 are all faves for different reasons.

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What the heck, I'll try.  Consistency is not my thing so I'm dubious about doing this for 30 days.  But we shall see.   In honor of SPN's birthday.

Meme found via [ profile] ash48.  :)


Day 1 :: Bibro Dean!girl here.   As each year goes by the bibro part of this equation gets stronger.

Observation:  Maybe the key to these things is brevity?  (lol, brevity, me.  lol.)

Update:  Ugh, I just really looked at Day 2's item.  I've written PARAGRAPHS and paragraphs trying to figure that out.  Sheesh.


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Found on some FB community somewhere and then looked on Creation's Vegas page under Gold Ticket...

Changes to Cocktail/Evening night for Gold Patrons for Vegas:

4) Complimentary admission to our SATURDAY NIGHT EVENTS which now include our new CELEBRITY CABARET where selected guests do what they do best: entertain! Our first cabaret headliner is MISHA COLLINS! You will get to keep the same Gold seat you have during the day for this cabaret event. The Celebrity Cabaret will be followed by The COCKTAIL PARTY! Mix and mingle with fellow fans, selected celebrity guests to meet, a DJ for music and a cash bar to add to the fun! This event is EXCLUSIVE for Gold Weekend Patrons! Celebrity Party Guests to be announced as we get closer (note that celebrity party guests will drop by to say hello)

...and to think, this is the con Bob will be attending with me.  Gold ticket and all.   This may be the first time in YEARS I attend this event again.



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Photos I hadn't yet gotten around to. Some additional Jared & Jensen photos from Vancon.

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201309 Dahlia Farm, a set on Flickr.

Went for a drive with my mother today and ended up at a rural dahlia farm.

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She's killing us here.  Need more. See here.


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I'm hearing that people cannot see the photo op photos I posted last night.  LJ was acting strangely.  Rather than trying to fix the other post, I'm going to post the photos again very quick before I have to leave for work.  If they work, then I'll add the text and delete the original.

201308 SPN Vancon 2013 J PhotoOps

more photos under here... )


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By the wonderful [ profile] ash48 (here).  I have a smile a MILE WIDE right now.  Going back to rewatch (again and again).


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Here are my photo ops from Vancon.

201308 SPN Vancon 2013 J PhotoOps

more photos (and brief stories) under here... )


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All Jared, All The Time, a set on Flickr.

And the All Misha version. Don't forget the slideshow view.


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