Aug. 27th, 2013

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Am finally home.  Our six hour road trip took eight hours yesterday due to what my daughter and I were calling Crowley's version of highway hell.  Ugh, the traffic.

I have a few personal and work related items I have to attend to today.  So depending on how that all goes, I may get back to photos later this afternoon/evening.  Or perhaps not until tomorrow.   My goal is to have the majority of them up as soon as I can as when I return to work I won't have a lot of down time.  Plus I have a newborn shoot this coming weekend so that will consume the weekend.

It was a wonderful con even though I couldn't participate as much as I would have liked.   So glad (as usual) to catch up with old friends and make some new ones.   It was extra special to see so many crew folk there.  Wish I could have stayed for the VFX meet up, but alas not to be.   Seeing Bob Singer and getting his autograph and chatting for a moment was priceless.   Wish I had thought to ask for a photo with him.  Oh well.   I have some great photos of him from when he joined the panel as well as when he was out and about during the con.

Plus seeing the Tech Crew Survey on Thursday was also wonderful.


EDIT:  Sheesh.  And the M&Gs with Jared and Jensen were also wonderful.  It's a bit telling that what is foremost in my mind were the encounters with the behind the scenes folks.  Felt like it was more like spotting a rare creature in the wild. lol.   And then, "oh yeah, J&J were great too."  lol.


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Editing more J2 Panel photos. Looking through the ones with Bob Singer and just had to stop to post this one.


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