Aug. 23rd, 2013

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We went on the the Thursday location tour today with Russ Hamilton, the SPN Location Managers.   Here's a link to Lynn's Fangasm write up which goes into more detail. And here is a link to my photos.

Here is my (very) brief summary.

We started by meeting the department heads on a Technical Survey Crew session where the department heads were checking out a location for 9x05, which will be directed by Kevin Parks.    We were very lucky that we were able to get right up next to the crew as they were listening to Kevin describe the set up and the crew asked questions and generally checked things out.

Then we got to visit the entry to the Men of Letters Bunker.

We drove through Gas Town.

Then went to a bridge where episode 9x03 was shot.  Russ was not able to tell us a lot about what was shot there due to spoilers.  But he told us, "you can say you were here."  Or something like that.

We ate lunch at that location.

Then we went to the park were the Larping camp was for Larp and the Real Girl episode.   We reinacted a couple of scenes there.

We drove by the Burnaby Studio on our way to Richard Roman Enterprise headquarters, which was our last stop of the day.

To see my photos go here.  If anyone has more of the crew names, I'd love comments on the photos so I can make note of all the names.   Perhaps later I'll post some directly on LJ.  But I'm tired tonight.  It was overall a very good day.   I'm still suffering some from a car accident earlier in the week, so the all day bus ride was a bit of a drain.  But it was still good.


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Russ & Jim during the Technical Survey Crew site visit on Thursday during the Vancon Location Tour.

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Ken Parks greets the fans during the Location Tour.

Via Flickr:
Kevin Parks

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Unfortunately I switched out lenses just before this stop so was stuck with my telephoto and was unable to get a wide angle view of the site due to the crowd of fans. :)

But I love all the graffiti.


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