Jun. 7th, 2013

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Starting playing with LJ options last night and ended up going off the deep end.   I hate it when this happens.   I got it to a point last night where I could stand it, but it may not stay like this.   And it might be wonky.   I'm playing with the concept of a format that does a better job showcasing photos.   We'll see where it ends up.  I just don't want to go too far down the CSS rat hole because I find it takes forever.


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Redteekal shared this this morning via FB.  A great fanvid compilation from the recent JIB.   And it uses one of my current favorite songs by Imagine Dragons.  This really made me smile this morning.  And I wasn't even there.


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I don't tend to post much about the Js personal life.  However, I realized as I was breakfasting with my daughter this morning, that the thoughts and feelings I'm having this morning upon hearing the news about little Justice Jay/JJ are the same ones I would have upon hearing of anyone having their child.  Especially their first.   I'm not sappy about a lot of things.  But this I'm sappy about.   It is such a wonderful thing to hold your newborn child.  And your first is like this magic.  It's magic with all of them.  But when you experience it for the first time...well it's the first time.

So happy for them.  Welcome to the world JJ.



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