May. 29th, 2013

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A few early morning notes.

Note 1: I stubbed my little toe yesterday late afternoon.   Ouch!   And this morning it is black and blue and a bit swollen.  And hurts just as much.   Great.   Figures this is the first day in weeks I did not bring my work laptop home.  Which means I have to drive 30 minutes to work this morning for some meetings.  Good news is that I can go home after the morning meetings.   Since my mother broke her little toe a few months ago, I know that there's not much you can do about it.  It has to heal on it's own.   I can't decide if I should see or call my doctor just in case.

ishot-852Note 2:  This morning I read this article about a technology writer who gave up the internet for a year. He came to the conclusion that it wasn't the internet that enabled or caused his bad habits. It was all on him. After the first few months of being free from the internet, his bad habits returned; they just expressed themselves in ways not-internet. I've been reading/hearing a lot lately about "paleo-nostalgia", nostalgia for a "simpler time". I listened to a tech podcast just yesterday where two Internet-generation tech-geeks argued about if or how much technology and internet does or does not impact us. Seems to be a recurring discussion lately.



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