Apr. 7th, 2013

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Just saw this on my FB feed via my local woo-woo store.

I LOVE Joseph Campbell and as I just said on my FB: "Be the Hero of your own life. I had not heard of this movie until just now. I'm a bit Joseph Campbell fan from the perspective of psychology, sociology, and stories. From this trailer it looks like this movie is about applying the Heros Journey to your own life. Makes perfect sense and was somehow already connected in my brain, but not at the forefront. I will be watching this."

Why I had not already made the forefront, conscious connection between the Hero's Journey and my own life, I've no idea.  Even though I was all about the power of storytelling and it's ability to impact and inform your own life, the STORY was still in between myself and the Hero's Journey.  It was still somehow more focused on the *fiction* than on *reality*.   Must ponder more on this.  And ACT more on this.  And watch this movie.  I really hope the internal excitement and ZING I got from watching this trailer does not fizzle (as in I hope the movie, lives up to the trailer.)

Finding Joe: The Movie.

UPDATE: Having trouble even finding the movie - Amazon is sold out, Netflix does not have it.   I may have to go to my local woo-woo store as they just posted they have copies.  Along with the statement that it's been their best selling item since the movie came out in 2011.



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