Mar. 25th, 2013

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Additional note:  As these contain photos of fans, please let me know if anyone would like an image removed from a post.

Karaoke party at Creation's Salute to Supernatural Vegas Convention, March 2013. One of my favorite parts of the conventions. Thanks to Creation for letting the guests and fans celebrate in style. :)

In addition to fans, on stage were Richard Speight Jr., Matt Cohen, Rob Benedict, James Patrick Stuart, Chad Lindberg, Kurt Fuller (who was not scheduled for this con, but dropped in anyway), the Elastic Waste Band (aka Loudin Swain), and Gabe Tigerman (I'm probably forgetting someone.)

Since we were in Vegas, the theme was Viva Las Vegas and Matt and Richard dressed up as young and old Elvis; in true campy Vegas style. The fan version of the SPN Harlen Shake was filmed during the event. I've photos of that as well, but uploaded separately. I'll track them down and link them to the series. I have several more photos from this event, but don't have time to upload them tonight.

I also have photos of either Gabe or Rob (Rob, I think) crowd surfing. It was after midnight, so was in another file. I'll get to it in the few days and post it to this series. :)   It may take me a few days as I have a LOT of karaoke photos.

edit:  Sorry for the lack of a cut - it wasn't for want of trying - damn LJ coding...

a lot of photos under here... )
(Coming up:  More fans sing.   And there is surprise!Kurt Fuller.)

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