Mar. 9th, 2013

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Tired.  Day was fantastic.  Karaoke was wonderful.  Need to clear out all my camera cards before tomorrow morning.  Need to go to bed.  Here are a few very random photos from today.  Unedited.

above :: Elastic Waste Band (aka Loudin Swain) opening the show today.

above :: Matt demonstrating a clapping pushup (which he clowned up because he has an injured shoulder and couldn't do the real thing.)

above :: Rob

above :: Matt and Rob's panel.

above :: Chad and Gabe's panel with Chad using a spirit radio (or something like that) to see if any spirits were nearby.  They got something and Gabe freaked out a bit.

above :: our MC, Saxxon Cuddles

above :: and our MC, Richard with the Elastic Waste Band
Night all.


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One photo.  Dragging this morning.  Need to be down for panels starting at 10:30ish.   Straight through today til whenever.  I have M&Gs with both Jensen and Jared as well.

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Dead. Omigosh that was a long day. I had something back to back starting at 10 am until just now. Was wonderful but exhausting. Got great photos. Good stories from the Jared and Jensen photo ops, panels, lunch and meet and greets. And Jensen SANG!! I got photos of it. I'm sure others have already posted video. More later. After I eat and perhaps sleep.

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I have more.  But need to eat something.

Went to both Jared and Jensen's M&Gs.  Lots of stories to tell from there.   So many photos to process over all.

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Okay, now I'm done for the night.   Not quite as busy day tomorrow, but panels from about 10 am to 5ish.


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Man, I really gotta go to bed.   Hopefully this really is my last one for the night.



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