Mar. 1st, 2013

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On the recent email sent out by Creation about the upcoming 2013 Vegas Con:


On side note: I'm grumpy.  I'm not ready to go.  Feeling out of sorts and overworked.  And the growing sense of sheer SIZE of this thing is not helping.   From the various communities I belong to I get a sense that there will be a LOT of first timers.   Which is both awesome and overwhelming.   I'm just grumpy enough that I'm missing the good ole days.  Don't mind me.  Especially if you happen to be one of the newbies, I really have had a crappy week.  Two days ago I was excited as heck about this and even it's size.  I'll get back there after a bit of rest.
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Sorry about that last post.  I was just so worn out from this weird-ass last week.   Between technology hating me and my entire right side just plain hating ON me - let's just say it was a challenging week.

Plus I got some triggery stuff going on a work that's underlying everything I think.   Nothing bad.  Actually most would consider it very good; it's just triggering some very bad (bad, bad) stuff from a previous work life.   I'll get over it.

Moving on.

SQUEE!!!   What was I *thinking*!!!???   Grumpy about HAVING to go to a con.   OMG.  Seriously.  I recognize how fortunate I am to be able to go.  And apologize to everyone, including myself, for my stupid pity-party.

What helped?   Well a short time-distance from work helped.  And comments from flisters helped.  :)  

And what started it?   Rewatching this wonderful fanvid that I stumbled across earlier this week.  Some smart person took Jensen's JIB performance and used it as a backdrop for a retrospective of the show and cons.  Love.

And then redteekal helped out by point me to this.  Which, while not SPN (and why hasn't anyone vidded to this yet?  Or have they?), it really hit the spot.

Plus I repaired my Vegas Con 2013 Master Post which was a victim of my Technology Rebellion this past week, when literally half of it just *poof* disappeared.   Makes me feel better to have it back (plus better anyway.)

BTW, there's a pretty good chance I will sign up for Vegas 2014.  While there's also a good chance fickleone might not go (bad time of year for her), my husband LOVES Vegas and is somewhat pouting because he isn't coming this time.   I've waved next year in front of him and he perked up quite a bit.   Plus I think I will do at least one other in 2014.  So I have to pick between Burcon and Vancon.   And I have a feeling I will not be able to resist Burcon (always been my fav; plus likely fickleone).   *headdesk* I guess there's a good chance there might be three 2014 cons in my future.   We'll see.



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