Feb. 10th, 2013

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[livejournal.com profile] bertee's post regarding season 2 favorites over on [livejournal.com profile] spnroundtable got me thinking this morning.   I know we all have our favorites, but my off-the-top-of-head answer to her query had me realizing that as far as SPN episodes go,

I have a type.  



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Here's my reply to that post:

What Is and What Should Never Be. One of my top four-ish episodes ever. I've seen this episode SO many times. I love the family connections. The tragic sense of sacrifice and purpose; with just a touch of humor (sometimes dark) thrown in for good measure. And it's part of the overall mytharc (I love mytharc episodes). I love the way it was filmed. 

Also in the top 4 is In My Time of Dying. It also counts as my favorite season premier episode. Again, for the family connection and tragic sacrifice and purpose. And mytharc + humor.

Funny, until I answered this question I knew of course which eps were my favorites and likely had a sense of why. But I'm betting should I go back and list out my other favorites they likely all would fit into a Family (centered on brothers) + Sacrifice + Purpose + Mytharc + Humor model.

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Amazing voice.


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My FB feed is on a roll this morning.  This vid is so funny.


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What is SPN about?

Found via my FB feed this morning.  

Do not know the original source, although I believe it's from somewhere on Tumblr.



My Tumblr

Feb. 10th, 2013 09:42 pm
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I've been working hours today just cleaning up and organizing my Tumblr page.   I'm pretty happy with it now.  ;P


A summary of what I've done:

  ::  I added a Search box so that my Tumblr can be searched for specific tags.  

  ::  I tweaked the formatting a bit.  Mostly fonts, line spacing stuff.  Plus I fixed a few minor errors that were there.

  ::  Added links to My Lj (here), My Flickr, a link to filter my Tumblr for only SPN related items, a link to my PhotoBlog Tumblr account, and to my Tumblr Archive.  I'd never seen the Tumblr archive before.   I think it's cool looking.

what the Tumblr archive looks like... )

  ::  Cleaned up the way the individual posts (permalink pages) are displayed.  Including displaying tags and enlarging the font just a tad so my sorry old eyes can actually read it.

What an individual post looks likeā€¦. )

  ::  And the majority of the time was spent cleaning up all my tags so I could filter better.  Then I created a Tag Cloud page (I feel so damn accomplished, lol.) (Note to self:  I used Post Theory's Tag Cloud generator.)  What this means is that anyone can now filter my Tumblr for things such as:  my SPN con photos (that I've posted on Tumbr of course), anything to do about an SPN episode, for specific episodes like 8x12, or perhaps for fanart.

Like I said, I feel so damn accomplished.  Of course, I lost practically a whole day doing this.  Whatever.


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Speaking of Tumblr.  I found this image on Tumblr today.


I'm not asking about the photo composite aspect of this.  But rather the "vellum" looking finish on the whole thing.  Especially discernable on John's journal.    I don't think my eyes are deceiving me.  They might be as they are getting old and persnickety.   I did a quick Google but wasn't able to find something quickly.   

Anyone who loves to play in Photoshop - any ideas?  Perhaps a fog filter tinted a bit?   I haven't tried to play around yet.   This image keeps grabbing me every time I see it.



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