Feb. 3rd, 2013

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I had a conversation on FB this morning with the partner ("L") of one of my friends ("C", who is also a coworker and staff member).     Which led to me relating all this to SPN. Of course, everything's about SPN (lol.)  But this?  This is personal and core for me.   

It started with L linking to this great article, "Ready for a Vulnerability Hangover?", about Brene Brown, who's 2010 TED Talk, The Power of Vulnerability, is one of my favorite TED Talks (see the TED Talk below.)

Brown has other great TED talks and a book which is now on my Kindle reading list:

Daring Greatly: How the Courage to Be Vulnerable Transforms the Way We Live, Love, Parent, and Lead

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But how does this relate to SPN, you ask?

In which I drone on about my work and how SPN has impacted that…. )

I did not want a repeat of where I came from, rather I wanted what I observed and heard was the working conditions of the crew of Supernatural. Yes, everything's about Supernatural (lol). Whatever.  As you all know, the show has a well known reputation for being a wonderful and supportive place to work. A key foundation for that was veteran Director Kim Manners, with his, "we spend too much time together to not enjoy each others' company" statements. And we've heard Jared and Jensen state they realized that whatever attitude they adopted would be felt and spread by their coworkers. So they determined to always been supportive and positive. And it's been remarked upon over and over again by others. And it shows in so many ways.   

I try to tell my coworkers that my obsession with this show is not because they are "OMG, AKTORS!"  Or they are "OMG, GORGEOUS!"  I've been a background fangirl all my life, but I've never gone to this extreme.   What really drives my obsession, is all this I said above.   It's how it's positively impacted my personal life.   This attitude that Kim Manners, Jared, Jensen, and all the others have adopted has not just impacted their immediate coworkers.  It's impacted me.  Directly and personally.  In very many ways.  And given the phenomenon of the conventions, I think it's impacted a hell of lot of others as well. 

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Lazy way of cross posting from FB.   Screen snapshot.  LOL.




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